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Okay, that's enough. Let's move on to what I wanted to write about.


I wanted to talk about eating habits first by telling you my own story.
Last year, I lost 10kg (around 22lbs) and I never felt more confident in my own body - until last summer, after my birthday had passed. I went on a road trip with my family and I remember crying one night because my family ordered pizza, I was feeling like I would pass out from hunger, yet I only ate one slice of it. Why? Simply because I felt like it was too unhealthy to fit into my diet. That night, my mom realized something was wrong with me.
School started again and I went to the library to study with my friends, mentioning how I only had one slice of bread and an apple the day before and still didn't feel hungry at all. My friends stared at me, then looked at each other.
Some weeks later, when I felt really sick at school and couldn't walk (I didn't look unhealthy at all, just to let you know) my friend took me out of the classroom. She asked me how many calories I would usually eat in a day. Actually, that friend was the one who recommended the app Lifesum to me so that we could lose weight together.
When she looked at my average calorie intake, she was shocked. I would eat around 300-500 calories per day, 600 max. When I had a cheat day.
That was the day I found out about my eating disorder.


  • portion control
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This is the hardest for me. I never know when I'm truly hungry or full; Most of the times I overeat when I didn't even feel hungry. When you eat, try to put less food on your plate as usual (I mean only A LITTLE BIT LESS OKAY) and eat. Listen to your body and really chew your food before swallowing it. Are you still hungry? Good, enjoy another plate of delicious, nutritious and filling food.

  • the feeling after

Trust me. I know that feeling. Had a cheat meal? Or just fast food? Had something you really didn't want to eat while on a diet? The bad, guilty feeling after you had food is nothing to be ashamed of. Instead, try to understand that food is your friend, not your enemy. Even if you had something "unhealthy" that doesn't make you a bad person. Never forget that!


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to me, health is all about the balance. After what I had been through last year, I really can't stress enough how easy it is to fall into an eating disorder. You need to understand that a good, healthy lifestyle full of fruits and vegetables is good for you - but at the same time, you won't gain twenty pounds from enjoying your favorite food from time to time. Find your own balance so that you can feel good mentally as well as physically.

This article became longer than I expected and I still didn't manage to talk about everything. I will update you guys in a few days, talking about my current weight and why I want to start to work out and lose weight again - but this time, I will do it the right way.

xoxo, Jasmin