3rd February 2018

Hey guys! Todays article is going to be on my favourite clothing items of January, I'm not sure if I want to do this for every month but if this gets a lot of hearts then I might do it. January has been a long month that it had felt like a year, I had gone to many places and with many places I had discovered some new clothing items I'm in love with.


I love trainers, period. You’re not about to catch me wearing anything else, but ever since December I’ve been in love with the platform low top Vans in black and white.

grey fashion black Superthumb
The last two are the ones I've been wearing and loving, but Vans are my all time favourite sneakers.


Oversized anything are my favourite, and sweaters are my most favourite as it looks good and is really comfy.

autumn fashion fashion aesthetic
I tend to gravitate for black, grey or beige ones


I wasn't always a big fan of loose trousers. I had always preferred skinny jeans and leggings, however I had to wear a loose trouser for a formal event and I had paired it with flats but after I had left I had changed my shoes to platform Vans and I had instantly taken a liking to loose trousers.

clothes clothes clothes fashion
I'm not sure what you call them but I've just always called them loose trousers


Long cardigans are something I’ve always wanted but my siblings would always say it wont suit me or I choose the bad quality ones. Recently I had gotten one when I had gone out with my sister and I’ve been obsessed and from that day I’ve bought lots more.

clothes black Superthumb casual
The ankle long cardigans are the ones I like the most


Knitted sweaters are honestly a gift sent from heaven because they are so cosy, and I can honestly pair them with anything. I’ve always loved anything knitted so I had obviously fallen in love with knitted sweaters.

autumn autumn bag adidas
Obviously love the oversized versions

That’s it for this article, I hope you like it and if you want me to do this for every month make sure to heart this and message me if you want a specific article.

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