I'm sure by now most of you had read at least one article about turning vegan.
Veganism has gained a lot of strength recently, at least from my point of view. A lot of girls in my school have gone vegan, shoutouts out to them.
This year I decided to turn vegetarian and my goal is to be vegan.
I love the subject and I wish to convince some people about veganism, that's why I am making this article.
There's a lot of reasons why a vegan diet is wonderful and life changing, a lot, but I am just going to focus on one: the animals.
The reason I turned vegetarian is because I can't stand the idea of eating a dead animal, I can't stand the idea of knowing that that animal was killed for me, that that animal was bred for the slaughterhouse. If you stop the nonsense of "meat is delicious" for a second you can understand how this horrifying thought is not just a thought, it is a reality.
Animals are bred for the slaughterhouse. Cows, chickens, pigs, all of them are intelligent, amazing, living souls and the human species literally rape this animals so that they reproduce so that we can eat them. It's disgusting how we just see this vile industry and pretend like nothing is happening.
Billions of animals die just so that we can say "mmm...tasty."
They die in horrifying ways, some of them never even see the sunlight before they are killed, they're in the poorest of conditions and it horrifies me that people do not care. And this does not just happen in the food industry, billions of animals die for our unnecessary entertainment. The worst part of this is that animals can't defend theirselves, they're defenseless and scared and suffering and we have the nerve to say it all doesn't matter.
I tend to tell everyone I'm vegetarian, and the first time I told someone my decision they made me cry even though they were my best friends. They said things like: "Your opinion doesn't matter", "You won't do anything by going vegetarian", "You won't save anyone", "You don't matter," "Love yourself a little". I told them to stop, and they kept going until I cried. Most of the reactions I got and still get are similar, but that's the reason I keep shouting to the world my decision. I am a cruelty free person and I am proud.
When people ask me why I went vegetarian I always answer the same, for the animals. I explain my reasons and the only response I get is "And?" or "But they're delicious". I get horrified by these comments but I don't say a thing because I don't like problems.
Why do people hate vegans? I think this stupidity comes from their conscience, because deep down in their minds they know that this murder is wrong, that they're doing bad, but they decide to shut these thoughts down and ignore the situation because they don't want to accept the fact that meat is murder, so they hide behind the protein and other excuses and hate people who remind them of the horrible reality they're part of.
I can't understand how people think animals are here for us to consume, we're talking of beings who feel love and pain and fear.
I fought the urge of becoming a vegan, first, because I love to eat. Eating is probably my favorite activity, so I didn't want to give up anything but I had this idea for a really long time.
The first memory I can recall of me deciding to turn vegetarian is this:
It was about two years ago, I watched a video of PETA, I usually don't watch them because I am a really sensitive person and I know my heart can't take the cruelty, but that day I watched one. It was about a restaurant, serving little octopuses alive. I couldn't stop watching and I felt so terrible.
Not long after that I saw another video about a fish being eaten alive and the look in that poor creature's eyes still haunt me.
I had ordered sushi that day and I simply couldn't eat it, I just couldn't. I took a bite into it and I felt like my food was fighting against me.
The thing that got me the most about that video was the way those little octopuses grabbed the sticks and jalapeños and everything they could so that they could live. I remember the video and I still feel like crying because it is just not fair.
I never ate octopus again after that.
I used to love lobster, until I learned lobsters are cooked alive and they scream and cry and it saddens me so much because how dare we. We're murderers, even me, I payed for most of my life for those poor souls to get murdered, I feel sick.
So, I didn't eat octopus or lobster again but still I wasn't a vegan and I felt the urge to become one but I fought against it.
Last summer I went to Italy for a month and I was really happy and I ate a lot of stuff with meat and I enjoyed it so much I feel guilty now. Until one day, when I realized what I was doing was wrong. It was one of my friend's birthday and we went to a fancy place for dinner. They all ordered steak, personally, I've never liked steak that much, so I ordered pasta and it wasn't until I saw those steaks, almost raw and I saw the way my friends were eating them, joyfully and even making jokes out of it, that I realized we we're monsters. They noticed something was wrong and I told them about the video of the little octopuses and they laughed at me, one of them even declared "I once ate one of those" all happy. I bursted into tears right there at the table. I decided in that moment I had to be vegetarian or vegan or anything that could stop the horror.
But I had a problem, I couldn't just stop eating meat over there, so I promised myself I would be vegetarian when I returned home, but in the time I stayed there I kinda erased that thought of my mind because I was still fighting the urge. So, I returned home and convinced myself that if I fought for other animal rights and I didn't buy make up tested on animals and share alerts and create consciousness it would be just fine and I tricked myself thinking that everything would be okay.
I spent almost half a year in this lie, being an "animal lover" but eating like I hated animals, until not long ago I read a phrase that I think everyone should think about: "If you claim to love animals, but you eat meat, you don't love animals, you love pets." I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't, and that was it.
I thought it would be difficult but it is really not, I don't even want to eat meat anymore. I feel better and I am finally in peace, that's why I think you should succumb to that urge. For me, the worst part of this lifestyle has been the way everyone seems to hate my decision, even though I don't bother anyone, but I've learnt to ignore it and I am way happier now. I can't wait to leave dairy and any product which includes cruelty.
Give it a shot, I swear you won't regret it.
Go vegan!