Do you ever get deja vu? Or swear you remembered a fact or show one way, only to find out it was completely different. All of this could be caused by alternate dimensions which I want to cover in my article.

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These alternate dimensions or realities are commonly defined as realities that exists parallel to our own (a universe next to ours) with different events taking place. In this article I want to go over some of my favorite theories.

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One is the Mandela Effect coined by researcher Fiona Broome. It sets off to explain collective false memories. Such as the Berenstein Bears being called the Bearenstein Bears, Jiff Peanut Butter being called Jiffy Peanut Butter and Darth Vader saying "Luke I am your father" instead of "No Luke I am your father." It says such memories are accounted for by something such as a time traveller (or, to blame those meddling scientists, a quantum ripple created by CERN’s Large Hedron Collider) changing history and creating sci-fi-style alternate realities. Moreover, that some of us have moved between those realities, hence remembering things that have been written out of our current timeline. Do you ever feel weirdly out of place, or remember something a different way? Perhaps a troublesome time traveler has messed with your reality.

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Another is the string theory. Which says that everything made of nine dimensions, with only three of those being visible to us (think a three dimensional cube versus a one dimensional drawing). Each dimension has expanded on top of the other with infinite possibilities and developments. It says that if we explore our own universe enough we may be able to meet another version of ourselves.

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Another is the many worlds theory. The many-worlds interpretation is actually an interpretation of quantum mechanics that supports multiple alternate universe theories. This theory suggests that every possible change in reality is actually real — however, all the different possibilities exist in a bunch of different worlds. So if you have your wallet in a purse, there is one world where there is no lipstick, one where there is different lipstick, one where there is money in your purse etc. And you yourself live in the universe where your lipstick has remained in your purse. It says that there are infinite realities for every infinite possibility all happening at the same time. Unable to interact with each other.

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The black hole theory says that because we don't know what's on the other side of a black hole, it is possible another universe could be there. In fact our universe could very well have came from a black hole that formed from a different universe.

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Do you believe in other dimensions? Let me know! Sometimes a part of me feels like it's from a different universe.

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