Her glazed eyes searched for her escape. She looked within his eyes and saw the love that he had to offer.
His love was pure, a clean type of love that could run up mountains, a love that could beat all obstacles.

A love she had dreamt about, a love she read about, a love she had heard of.

He then grabbed her and hugged her. He held onto her for dear life, he begged for her love in return.
A love that was burning within.

How could a man like this, a man so loved by his kingdom want to give her the only love that existed within him?

Those that lived within the palace described him as hateful, who only saw the dark side.
She had come into his life to change him.

Now in front of her, he showed her the real king. A king who was broken and needed to be loved. He had been deprived of love by so many including his own mother.

When he first saw her, a normal girl working as his new servant in the kitchen he did not pay any attention to her.

That was until her saw her smile. He saw her as she passed by the garden with a pure smile. A smile that he wanted to create.

But now as she stood before him with glazed eyes and shaky breath, he was afraid that this would be the only picture he would see of her from now on.