Once upon a time, many ages ago (last year) there lived a little freshman girl who took the city bus after school. Day after day she stood in front of the school with her huge red backpack, desperately awaiting her carriage to whisk her away from the dreaded prison she couldn't seem to escape. Every day was the same until one cloudy late-spring Friday.

Due to irrelevant circumstances, the girl arrived on the bus late, and had to sit on a bench in the front of the bus instead of her usual window seat in the middle of the bus by the back door. She scrambled to put in her earbuds to ensure that she would be undisturbed, even though she didn't have service and wasn't blasting some hardcore Christian music yet. This antisocial action was one she was all-too familiar with, and had always been foolproof. Foolproof, that is, until a random tall white boy sitting beside her grabbed a dusty bus pamphlet from the wall and motioned for her to take it. He said. "Can you pass this down?"

Still on the fence as to whether or not she should be annoyed, the girl snatched an earbud out, pretending that he interrupted her music and she didn't hear a single word that flew out of this stranger's mouth.

He repeated himself and the girl, and she slowly reached for the pamphlet and asked why.

The boy said, "Just please pass it down."

Still wary about the whole situation, and she took the pamphlet and passed it to the boy on her other side, who was probably also pretending to listen to music. He gave a look of confusion as she shrugged her shoulders and said the other guy next to her wanted it to be passed down.

As the girl watched him slowly pass it down her eyes panned back around to the original boy and she noticed another guy on the bench opposite of her who was giving a miserably failing attempt to stifle his laughter. The freshman quickly caught on and glanced at the bus boy who was laughing as well. He noticed that she had caught on so he shrugged with a huge smile on his face and said, "It's for the economy,"

Now finding the whole situation hilarious, and understanding that it was all a joke, the girl laughed a little as the two boys looked at the pamphlet still being passed towards the back of the bus by very confused people.

She put her earbud back in and actually listened to music this time.

The following Tuesday the freshman got back on the bus, but this time she had a couple friends with her. As she lugged her backpack down the aisle she tried to avoid eye contact with bus boy, but he noticed her. He lifted her backpack up to get her attention, and she whipped around, assuming it was one of her friends (not to mention almost folding at the knees from the frickin weight of the backpack). Low and behold, it was a waving bus boy. The thought of sitting by him crossed her mind but quickly disappeared when her friend pushed her forward and told her to hurry up and get a seat.

Fast forward to Thursday. The girl stood yet again in front of the awful school. As she scanned through the crowds, she locked eyes with bus boy, who looked even taller standing by the way. As she navigated her way through the bus aisle again, the bus boy lightly kicked her to get her attention and said, "Aye! White boy gang." and did one of those rock and roll signs. The girl returned the sign and said "For the economy!" as a joke and then dipped (as in left lol).

The next day as the girl was getting off the bus, the boy said "Have a good one now." and gave her a peace sign. She, with her glorious rbf, threw up a peace sign as well and continued to get off the bus.

She planned to "accidentally" get on the bus late the next day so she'd end up sitting next to bus boy again. Her plan worked and she was sitting next to him on the crowded bus, but this time was different. This time he didn't have his friend with him and he had his own earbuds in. She thought of striking a conversation herself but he had rbf as well which is pretty intimidating and she just assumed he didn't feel like talking since he was doing the good ol' earbud trick.

That bus ride was no doubt one of the longest of her entire life due to the awkwardness and internal battle of to talk or not to talk.

She assumed that the weird relationship they had was over so she tried once again to avoid him whenever he was present on the bus.

About a week after their last almost-encounter, the girl got on the bus after her friend and noticed him in her peripheral as she paid the ridiculous $1.50 bus fare. Bus boy held out his hand for people to high-five, and started with the freshman's friend. Her friend blatantly ignored his outstretched hand but the freshman girl wanted to rekindle their acquaintance-ship (lol) so she smacked that hand like no tomorrow. She took one more step forward but she noticed out of the corner of her eye that he tried to fist-bump her so she said "oop" and turned around (almost knocking down the person behind her with her huge backpack btw) to fist-bump. He did that hand-pulling-away thingy but she didn't- awkwarddddd.

As she stepped of the bus that same day, bus boy said bye and she returned the gesture, saying adios.

The now fist-bump-tradition-type-thing-i-should-stop-with-the-dashes----- continued the next day between the lovely freshman and the super tall bus boy and he continued to say bye as she exited the bus.

It was now the second-to-last day of school and bus boy sat in the front of the bus at his usual seat. The freshman appeared on the bus with her friends and walked through the bus aisle. She sat down at her usual window seat in the middle of the bus and waited for her friends to follow suit.

Once they were all seated, her friend sitting to her right said, "Um, some tall kid just tried to kick you."

Although she had an idea as to who it must've been, she acted confused and responded with a normal "What?" She decided to play detective and asked what he was wearing.

Her friends said they weren't paying attention to what he was wearing, and from their weats they couldn't see him clearly. Since he had some really long legs, the freshman girl could take a subtle picture of his pants and shoes from just the right angle- which is exactly what she did.

She showed her friends and they both agreed that those were in fact the legs in question- which of course belonged to bus boy.

That attempt to get her attention was the last interaction between bus boy and the little freshman girl.

Yes this story is true and yes I was the little freshman girl. That was the last time I ever saw him. What's odd is the fact that we never had a legitimate conversation and never exchanged any kind of information- like names, grades, etc. I searched through the entire yearbook and couldn't find him anywhere. I really don't know anything about him, which makes this whole thing even weirder. I often forget this entire thing even happened and when it randomly hits me I reminisce a little on it. I've never mentioned it to anyone to this day, mostly because it's just never come up. Bus boy if you're out there- I really want to know what you were gonna say that last day we almost talked lol.

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