Hello Beautiful people! 💕

I love writing on my computer or in my notebook, expressing my feelings on a sheet of paper is easier than expressing it in person. That's why I appreciate my diary, I take care of that. But there are different types of diary where we record important dates, upcoming events, drawings ... We express our true self

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Personal diary

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In this type of diary, capture everything that our soul can not say with words. Our secrets, it is that friend that we tell him everything and we know that he will never reveal anything


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One of my favorites, in these journals serves to write down the destinations you want to travel or write down the places you've already been, with pictures of all the adventures you made


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This is a great help when it comes to studying for an important test, summarizing the extensive classes, among much more. It helps us to organize our study plan and makes it more fun with a touch of creativity

Plans / List

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Like the study journals, this type of agenda is also important. Especially if we are planning an important event, dividing our task, fulfilling a goal ...


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Despite not mastering the ability to draw, I love this type of diary. There are people who express themselves better by writing, and other people by drawing


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Beautiful diaries, full of wonderful memories. You can fill it with photos and write what it represents for you

Each of these wonderful journals helps us express all the madness of our brain and transcribe in an orderly but creative way. From my own experience, I advise keeping a journal, even if it is personal. We have to get rid of the idea that journals are just to write about our "impossible loves"

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I'm not saying you can not, write about what you want. You must feel that when you write you take away a weight, that it helps you clear your mind / heart confused. Then cheer up! and start writing in your journal.

"Writing is the deepest way to read life." - Francisco Umbral.

If you arrive here, THANK YOU! Taking the time to read another of my articles means a lot to me and inspires me to continue writing. Always remember to smile and give kindness to the world. xx