This is a very "moment" article, I mean right now I'm really excited for this, but maybe once I start doing it I won't be that excited hehe but we'll see.
This is the 13th article of the 30DWC I hope you're reading my articles and following me, you make me happy.

  • Today I talked with my best friend and I gave the idea of selling popsicles, kind of a starbucks, delivery service. The kind of "starbucks" service is because we'll write the names of the person who is buying our popsicle. It's not a big deal, is it? I mean we're not selling coffee, just simple popsicles, I hope it has nothing to do with something legal or ilegal. But yeah! that is it. We are not doing anything in this summer, so we want to start selling those frozen things to earn some money for our studies.
  • The second thing I'm excited about is going to the academy! As you may know, I finished school and now I should go to a university but first I need to prepare for the entrance exam. I'll start my classes in March but I'm already excited! Many people tell me that the academy is worse than school but I like difficult things to get, So if it challenges me, I'll love it.
  • The third thing I'm excited about is getting my English certificate! I also finished all my English course this year, this January. so I need to get my certificate to prove that I studied? Idk buuut it's important for my future I guess.

At first I was going to write just one thing which I'm excited about, but it was really short so I decided to add 2 more things. hehe well now I'll chill and jam with my playlists. You can follow me on instagram: susan_nayeli, just if you want hehe.

Best Wishes For You
Susan Nayeli