A fear of being stereotyped has begun.
The girl with the long hair who wore ripped jeans and crop tops, was told she was a Hoe, slut or skank. She could deal with it for awhile until the rumors began. "Did you know she slept with this person or did something with guy?" She tried to convince them that nothing happened but why would anyone believe the girl who looked like that. She finally gave up and the rumors got so bad she tried to do something that she would regret in the long run.
The overdose attempt didn't go as planned and the rumors still went on. She left school to get away from it all and to get help because it got so bad to the point were she became mentally unstable.
She cut off her hair. that would have to make it all go away with the new school and new people. They did. But only for awhile.
She was stereotyped to be the girl who must be lesbian or a dyke. Anywhere she goes she can't stop it. She finally had to stop thinking it was her and that it was the other people.But you know how that goes. She gets so mentally unstable that falls asleep at night crying. She wakes up dreading the day to come. She doesn't know what is going to happen. It gets to the point where she just brakes. And her story doesn't go on.