hey, its me again.
i've seen alot of people doing this challenge and i thought i'd give it a try.
so i hope you learn something about me and what i love.


fish net, fishnets, and outfit image fashion, yellow, and style image fashion, black, and bra image clothes, fashion, and iphone image fashion, clothes, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image


yellow, aesthetic, and drink image clouds, sky, and aesthetic image sunflower, flowers, and nature image yellow, aesthetic, and guitar image yellow, aesthetic, and bike image yellow, aesthetic, and wall image yellow, art, and sun image aesthetic and yellow image


canon, camera, and jeans image frases, poems, and poetry image music, grunge, and record image art, flowers, and painting image makeup, beauty, and make up image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
#1 photography, #2 reading/writing, #3 music, #4 art, #5 makeup, #6 travel


acai, chocolate, and cold image carne, delicious, and food image food, strawberry, and pancakes image food, avocado, and healthy image Image by Gosiaczek.xx food, healthy, and salad image aesthetic, food, and cute image food, coffee, and drink image


dog, snow, and cute image Inspiring Image on We Heart It cute, baby, and giraffes image panda, animal, and cute image
#1 Golden Retriever (have one, shes 3 yrs old and her name is Sadie), #2 Pigs (they are so cute, and thats why I dont eat pork or any type of pigs meat), #3 Giraffes (my friends call me a giraffe, because i'm tall and i have SUPER long legs), #4 Pandas (they are just super fluffy and cute)

Dreams and Goals

Image by laraam787 girl, friends, and tumblr image drink and laptop image bitch, bye, and Marilyn Monroe image bath, pink, and home image food, sushi, and banana image
#1 Travel To Greece, #2 Get Closer With My Freinds, #3 Finish Writing My Book, #4 Get Rid Of Toxic People, #5 Treat Myself, #6 Eat Healthier.


book and coffee image book, everything, and movie image book, milk and honey, and the sun and her flowers image alternative, books, and life image book, oreo, and purple image
#1 13 Reasons Why, #2 Everything Everthing, #3 Sun And Her Flowers, #4 Milk And Honey, #5 All The Bright Places, #6 Will Grayson Will Grayson.


1980s, 80s, and actors image Clueless, 90s, and movie image logan lerman, emma watson, and movie image to the bone, lily collins, and quotes image 17, movie, and quote image
#1 The outsiders, #2 Clueless, #3 Perks Of Being A Wallflower, #4 To The Bone, #5 Edge Of 17


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/georgiarigney_?si=aSFKgz2gSPCdAJJY7bbqZA


normal, quotes, and text image travel, car, and adventure image grunge, graffiti, and quotes image Temporarily removed
#1 Feminist (I am a firm beliver that women are 100% equal as men), #2 free spirit (no one can hold me down), #3 Worker (i have had to work for everything that i now have, nothing has ever been simply handed to me, and that has made me a very strong person), #4 i'm bi.


Alyssa, sad, and teotfw image 13 reasons why, hannah baker, and quotes image teen wolf, stiles, and sarcasm image quotes, self love, and important image


body art, tattoo ideas, and gold image tattoo, moon, and earrings image tattoo, planet, and space image tattoo, travel, and world image
I really like small tattoos, because you can get as many as you want, and still have space for more!


flowers, aesthetic, and grunge image Image removed eyes, yellow, and aesthetic image aesthetic, sad, and stars image