Some positive chill songs by Polish indie/alternative artists to make you smile 🌞

1. The Dumplings - Możliwość Wyspy

Image by laraam787 Image by Private User girl, summer, and sea image Image by selinn8

2. BOKKA - K&B

love, neon, and light image love, kiss, and couple image couple, love, and Relationship image love, grunge, and aesthetic image

3. Mela Koteluk - Wielkie Nieba

tumblr image sky, clouds, and yellow image aesthetic, floral, and alternative image animal, animals, and cat image

4. Erith - Nowy Wschód

Image by Private User wallpaper image sky, girl, and lights image brasil, sun, and sunset image

5. Bovska - Dachy

friends, sky, and sunset image wallpaper, love, and couple image neon, quotes, and light image baby, orange, and beauty image

6. Milky Wishlake - Wait for Us

aesthetic, firework, and girl image heart, neon, and clouds image Copyrighted image grunge, boy, and indie image

7. Call the Sun - Wiracje

heart, city, and light image couple, love, and kiss image aesthetic, everything, and glass image snow, winter, and night image

8. Linia Nocna - W moim ogrodzie (DAAB Cover)

beautiful, cold, and garden image rose, flowers, and snow image couple, love, and vintage image Image by Jen

9. Kamp! - A New Leaf

beginning, life, and beach image couple, aesthetic, and ulzzang image beauty, grunge, and pretty image rose, flowers, and pink image

Cover photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash