Have you ever dreamed of becoming a model?

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If you guys have been following my Tumblr (@beccabloom, for those who don't know it), I posted recently that Missguided together with a very popular modeling agency from London are both looking for a model.

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To participate you must be over 18 and live in the UK. Also, you must post your best picture to Instagram with the hashtag “#SELECTxMISSGUIDED”.

The winner gets a modeling contract (wow) plus gets featured in the next Missguided shoot. How cool is that?

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So hurry up, because the contest ends on March 1st! To know more, check @missguided account on Instagram!


I feel like I need to leave a message to the insecure girls, to the dreamers, to the shy ones... This is a great opportunity and you shouldn't let it go it if that's what you really want.

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Doesn't matter if you don't feel at the right weight yet, or feel like this or that part of you isn't pretty. First, you have until March 1st, so use the time to get ready, but take it seriously. Second, the best models have imperfections and they use it to their favor.

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Chantelle has a rare skin condition but look how beautiful she is!

Third, being a professional isn't that important, that's what the modeling agency is for.

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Lizzie in that store trying all the crazy clothes the designer chose for her, lol.

How many famous people we know that started from random chances? How many times you watched a movie or read a book and wished that you had opportunities like that? Lizzie McGuire followed Paolo and ended up being a pop sensation in Rome, for example, haha. Now it's your chance to try.

If you're shy, even better, get out of your shell in 2018, #WorkItGirl. Life is too short, guys! Live it, love it, and always have fun. See you in my next post!

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