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Where do broken pieces fall? Where do tired, lost and empty souls go? Souls that lost their battles that were struggling here on Earth so bad that they couldn’t take it anymore. Is there a safe place for them in heaven, somewhere where their soul would be in peace again or do they end up in hell, face to face with their bully for who knows how long. So someone answer me: where do broken souls go? I’m looking for directions but maybe I’m blind. So scream it for me, take me by the hand and show me. I can’t do this anymore. I feel like soon will be the time to say goodbye to Earth and I’m scared of what’s to come. So someone please tell me. I’m begging but nobody’s listening. This empty hole in my chest is burning, it’s hurting, I feel like my soul just isn’t connected to my body anymore. My eyes have cried oceans for unknown reasons, for feelings I can’t explain.

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Will there be someone to catch me?
Will I reunite with my loved ones who are on the other side?
Will I regret my actions once I reach the destination?
Will my soul stop hurting then?

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