Hello Beauty,
today I want to talk about natur cosmetics. Why I started to use them, what changed, etc. This article has three parts:

  • why I started using only natur cosmetics
  • what happend to my hair and
  • what happend to my face

Why I started using only natur cosmetics

I never was that kind of girl wich used a lot of make up or cared about her beauty. One day I started using products wich were not tested on animals. I checked the brands on http://features.peta.org/cruelty-free-company-search/index.aspx . Years fly and I read more and more that products may not test on animals but don't contain good stuff. Creams wich are made out of little parts of plastics. That's not good for your skin and the ocean ! But not even plastic, also chemestry wich destroys your hair/skin than to help.
Now I'm using natur protucts for hair and my face since over a year and here are what changed.

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and their bodys to !

What happend to my hair

Two years ago I dyed my hair from my natural really dark brown into orange. Because I was to lazy to dye it every month I put black on it. You can imagin how destroyed they were!
Expensive products didn't helped a thing. Nothing changed. Not a little. Since I started using natur products the destroyed part of my hair are a lot better. Not 101% healed but this part is softer, shines more and it looks just healthier then befor! I started with a German brand called alverde, wich are the cheapes in my country. (Shampoo + hair mask, I'm never using condiciner because my hair always looks unctuous after using it) Now I'm using a shampoo from Sante, a little expensiver, and a hair mask from Maui wich are expensive but worth it ! (Sometimes I'm putting cocos oil in the damaged part and let it soak over night. Wash it out good the next day!)

Some other masks I'm doing (:

What happend to my face

I have two routines wich I do to my face; a day with and without make up. (Without) In the morning I washed it with water and a face sponge, after that I put on some day cream. In the evening I wash it again with water and a sponge and put a night cream on my face. (With make up) Again, cleaning with a sponge and water and then the cream. After that I do my make up. After a long day of being me I use some make up remover oil from alverde. For removing my make up I'm using a sponge. (Never cottonpads they are not good for the planet !!) I repeat it to get really everything down. Putting night cream on. Done!
What happend to my skin? It's so much softer, also it isn't dry anymore. Sure once in a while I got a pimple, but this single one is so little and normal that I don't care.

Doing the coffee mask once in a while; SUPER SOFT SKIN !

I hope I changed your point of view about the products you use and that when you'll be in a store next time start to think what will be good for you AND others.
Are you using natur products? Wich brands? Will you start with it? Leaf me a message about it !

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