Good morning! This article is dedicated to my evening routine on school nights. It is important to make the most of your weekly evenings in order to complete homework, relax and get organised for the next day. So, if you need some inspiration, read on!

1. Arrive at Home

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When school and extracurriculars finish, I take the public bus home. While on the bus, I scroll through WHI and reflect on the day.

2. Plan My Evening

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The first thing I do on arrival at home is make a quick, neat to do list for the evening. This clears my mind and gets me motivated to finish homework. While I do this, I usually have a snack and a warm, comforting drink.

3. Take a Break

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After a long and stressful day at school, I usually need half an hour to unwind and do something non-academic. I either take a hot shower, read, or write a WHI article.

4. Study and Homework

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Of course, I eventually have to get started on homework. I try to stay as productive, tidy, and positive as possible whilst doing this! If I need a burst of motivation, I watch a video from study account on YouTube.

5. Dinner

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I like to have dinner with my family. It's nice to talk and laugh with them whilst relaxing and enjoying dinner together!

6. Finishing Up

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After dinner, I complete any remaining tasks, tidy my room, and pack my backpack. I then shower if I haven't already, clean my teeth and brush my hair.

7. Go to Sleep

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My day finishes with half an hour or so of reading (currently Grapes of Wrath) and finally sleeping. On school nights, I aim to get into bed by 10:00.


Thank you so much for reading through this article; I hope it gave you some inspiration! Have a lovely day everyone. Please remember that I love and support you.
- Elsa