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school, school, you say that it’s cool
but how can that be when there’s tyrants that rule?
you tell me i’m dumb if i don’t get a grade
you step on my esteem and rain on my parade
the clock ticks like a hammer, that is beating us lower,
we moan and we groan, "could this class go any slower!"

test, tests, you say that they’re smart,
but what about reading, poetry and art?
without creativity we are as good as blind,
you force us in one mold and you restrain our mind
there are no correct answers if they differ from yours
no room to decide, to fight our OWN wars

ambition, ambition, is such a good dream
then you drown me in homework and make my mind scream
there used to be a girl, who was free to explore,
but her wanderlust was replaced by a monotony war
she was a queen, a president, a writer,
but you beat down her hope and you crushed it to spite her
i am not here to defend, because you’ve already won,
but uniformity doesn’t work, & it must be undone
if we can’t have romance, excitement and love
then what do you suppose our future consists of?
within these confines there’s no freedom of expression
and then you say "how on earth could they have depression!”


hello! most of you who read my articles know that I usually write short stories. poetry definitely isn't my strong point- but this is my year of growth and trying new things. this is my VERY FIRST slam poem, yay! also, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been showing me love and supporting my writing. because of your support, I was a recognized writer of January. I am so excited and thankful!

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