Have you ever looked at your parents old pictures? All the nice moments captured in just a few one of them. When I take pictures I want to capture it all: the happiness, the sadness, the anger, the love. But the amount of photos I take doesn't seem enough. Every moment has to be captured a hundred times more. I forget to live in that moment because of my obsession to take photos so I could remember it for ever. And I feel sad about it. Even traveling has become more boring when you've seen a thousand pictures of the place your heading to before your trip. It's not the same anymore. Most people don't visit the place to enjoy the scenery, instead they just find the perfect angle for a good Instagram picture. And I feel like the meaning of a photo is lost. Instead of taking one or two pictures of a moment, you take a hundred. And just from a few moments you already have a thousand pictures. What for? What for do we need thousands of pictures?