I stay awake, I have my feet on the ground. I do not want guys that make me freak out. With you it was much more than enough.

I gave you the wish to be friends, but that was not your idea.
I'm sorry, but there's no way I'm going to come back. You're like smoke on the street: You drown me, you lock me up and I do not want to feel it anymore

I do not want dramas, I do not want any of that
I do not want jealousy, I want to hug whoever I want
I do not want to live, if I must be tied to you

So baby, leave me alone. I do not want to have you near.
I just want to party and move my body.
Baby, I do not want to keep an eye on the phone. NO!
I want to respond whenever I want. Always!
I want to be myself, crazy, sensitive and fun.
With millions of adrenaline, I do not ride on gasoline.
I want to be me, without worrying about what others think.

I admit it, yes, I lied to you. I know I gave you hope
but I'm sorry, this is not my fault.
This time it was not me. Just a couple of months and you already said: "I love you" no, that's too much.

Oh I was scared, that's insane. Crazy.