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Just wanted to share some makeup artist who are so creative on Instagram and they inspire all of us in our everyday life. 💄

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Huda Beauty - Huda Kattan

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Huda Kattan is a Middle Eastern makeup artist and has 20 million followers and her beauty products are sold at Sephora

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Huda beauty the most gorgeous, inspiring make up artist of all time! She empowers other ladies to beautiful with her make up tutorials, diy tricks, and to feel confident in and out.

beauty is not about how much you spend, how great and self-confident you feel. ~ Huda

Beautiful and successful Huda is not just a woman to admire, but a brand that inspires women around the world.

Hung Vanngo

Trust me when I say, Hung Vanngo is the king of makeup 👑 He is a go to for Selena Gomez.

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His others celebrity clients range from Gigi Hadid, Katy Perry, and beautiful Taylor Hill.
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Nabela Noor

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Noor is a Bangladeshi-American beauty blogger from Pennsylvania who is YouTube star. She has raised her voice against Islamophobia and the hate crimes that Muslims face.

Her makeup tutorial take a step further by incorporating a powerful message of self-love for all the women out there.

Patrick Starrr

This Man Probably Knows More About Makeup Than You Do!
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"I had to work hard to prove that makeup wasn’t just an outlet to be gay. I wanted to show that I’m an educator. I’m talented. I’m an artist."

He’s applied makeup to Kim Kardashian, YouTube channel. He will be a judge on next season’s America’s Next Top Model — currently he has his own collection at M.A.C.

Kaushal Beauty

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inspired by what’s trending in the Indian fashion scene, Her glamourous videos to inspire your looks for Diwali, Eid, traditional weddings, and even a sprinkling of everyday makeup looks.

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