I've been feeling under the weather lately, so I wanted to make a list of some random things in life that I appreciate. I'm not going to be naming like my family/friends/pets on the list cause that will take up pretty much all of the list, this list is more dedicated to things I love in a random sense.
I hope you enjoy it :)

  • the moon
moon, night, and sky image moon, stars, and space image
  • a nice cup of tea
cookie, morning, and teapot image boyfriend, cup of tea, and goal image
  • fresh sheets
bed, gold, and pillow image pink and bed image
  • fair grounds
Image by S.🐞 Image by S.🐞
  • harry styles
Image by Private User birthday, harrystyles, and mylove ​ image
  • puppies
dog, animal, and love image dog, animal, and cute image
  • adventures
friends, car, and summer image girl, fashion, and summer image
  • colourful sunsets
beautiful, @yeshualoves, and ocean image sky, city, and pink image
  • late night d&m's
adventure, beautiful, and bonfire image couple, fire, and night image
  • springtime
bloom, color, and daisy image duck, duckling, and flowers image
  • concerts
music, party, and concert image Image by S.🐞
  • movie marathons
movie, bed, and room image harry potter and dvd image
  • pizza
pizza image Image by ♛Princess♛
  • the smell of rain in the air
rain and water image rain, city, and night image
  • feeling pampered
white, bed, and summer image face, girl, and green image
  • christmas lights
aesthetic, amazing, and night image winter, nature, and snow image
  • stars
stars image amazing, black, and galaxy image
  • late night drives with the windows down in summer
light, car, and city image couple, car, and goals image
  • taking my puppy for a walk
Image by S.🐞 Image by S.🐞


Thank you so much for reading!
Sheridan xx