The problem with acne is that the person suffering from it is desperate for any cure. This desperation blinds them making them try some things that would actually worsen their skin instead. So let me break down some of the pieces of advice regarding acne and tell you what is bad about them.

Applying toothpast on it

This is a very common mistake. Many people believe that the toothpaste will dry out acne. In fact, by doing so you are not healing because you are not targeting the core reason of your acne and you will get acne again and again. In addition, toothpaste will irritate your skin and the skin around your acne. So do not waste toothpaste on this and instead, keep it for your teeth.

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Washing your face more often

This advice comes from the misconception that acne is caused by dirt and poor hygiene. Acne cannot be washed away! By washing your face more often, you will dry out your skin which will make it produce more oils and clog your pores and thus your acne will get worse. You only need to wash your face in the morning and at night.

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Popping the pimple

Many people think that by popping the pimple they will remove the bad stuff in the skin, this is so wrong. Pressing the skin will damage the delicate facial skin and leave you with deep scars, soooo please get your hands out of your face!

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If you want more skincare advice/tips/masks, let me know. I would love to help you.
Meanwhile, remember that you are pretty as hell and embrace your imperfections, xoxo.