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1. If you were a Shoe ?
2. If you were a Moment ?
3. I you were a Place ?
4. If you were a Feeling ?

vans, shoes, and rose image article image nature, waterfall, and water image Image by dieee19
cool but cute - morning sun - peacefull silence - feeling that goes straigt trough you and touces every single bit of you

5. If you were a Song ?
6. If you were a Book ?
7. If you were a Season ?
8. If You were a View ?

nature image book, paper towns, and john green image autumn, rain, and fall image summer, bed, and nature image
colors of the wind - paper towns - fall - rising sun

9. If you were Famous ?
10. If you were a Weather ?
11. If You were an Accessory ?
12. If you were a Clothing ?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It rain, autumn, and fall image Image by JcB skate, boyfriend, and skater image
writer - warm rain - hats - this.

13. If you were a Drink ?
14. If you were a Color ?
15. If you were a Moment of the day?
16. If you were a Quote ?

coffee, drink, and tea image Mature image aesthetic, sun, and window image quotes and love image
coffee - deep blue sea - morning - from poetry book "her"

17. If you were an Element ?
18. If you were an Activity ?
19. If you were an Emotion ?
20. If you were an Object ?

nature, tree, and green image escape, skate, and skateboard image waves, sea, and summer image bed, white, and aesthetic image
earth - skateboarding - powerful love - pillow

21. If you were an Animal ?
22. If you were a Body Part ?
23. If you were a Date Night ?
24. If You were a TV Serie ?

cute, animal, and tiger image eye, eyes, and freckles image couple, love, and hands image quotes, battle, and sex and the city image
tiger - eyes - just us & long walk - sex and the city

25. If you were a Fictional Character ?
26. If You were a Dessert ?
27. If you were a Flower ?
28. If you were a Scent ?

ahs, american horror story, and coven image cupcakes, taste, and yummy image flowers, yellow, and summer image rain, photography, and nature image
misty day - something with too much chocolate - sunflower - after rain

29. If you were a Superhero ?
30. If you were a School Subject ?
31. If you were a Fabric ? (silk, velvet, denim, cotton etc...)
32. If you were a Flavor ?

poison ivy and holland roden image psychology, study, and textbook image fashion, black, and bra image strawberry, fruit, and food image
poison iyv - psychology - lace - strawberry

33. If you were a part of Nature ?
34. If you were a mythical creature?

green, theme, and nature image mermaid, sea, and water image
plants - mermaid

35. If you were a Word ?

alternative, amazing, and art image