Puerto Rico is a small island in the Caribbean with abundance in wildlife, flora and geological richness. It is also full of touristic places, history and nature. Here are some of thousands places you can visit while you are in Puerto Rico.

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Old San Juan

If you visit Puerto Rico you should walk in the streets of Old San Juan. There are lots of buildings of different and brilliant colors, lots of doors and paintings in the walls. It is full of small business and, of course, the tourist places like the Cathedral of San Juan, the pigeon park, Santa Catalina Castle, lots of museums and which are all full of history.

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El Morro

San Felipe del Morro Castle is a castle placed in the old San Juan. There are lots of castles in Puerto Rico like Serralles Castle (Ponce), Santa Catalina Castle (old San Juan), San Geronimo Castle (old San Juan), San Cristobal Castle, and more. They all tell the story of the island and of the people there.

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Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay

Yes! The water glows in the dark! Puerto Rico has three bioluminscent bays: Laguna Grande in Fajardo, La Parguera in Lajas, and Mosquito Bioluminiscent Bay in Vieques. It is a fantastic natural phenomenon you'll want to see by yourself.

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Flamenco Beach

Puerto Rico is pretty famous for its beautiful beaches. Flamenco beach is a one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. A lot of people like camping here as it is a relaxing place to be.

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El Yunque

El Yunque National Rain Forest is a very beautiful place. After a meandering but relaxing path through the biggest rain forest in Puerto Rico you'll met the waterfall. The water is cold and delicious at every time of the year.

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Crash Boat Beach

Crash Boat? Yes, there is an old crash boat in one side of the beach. In there you can find a variety of beautiful fishes. There was also an old dock people use to jump to the water but after hurricane Maria it was destroyed. It is still there but shorter. Still, Crash Boat is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. It is placed in the west side of Puerto Rico (where the better beaches are) in Aguadilla.

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Las Salinas

Have you ever seen pink water? Like a whole mini ocean. Well, in Puerto Rico there is a place with its half water blue and the other half half pink. It is cause by the excess of salt in the pink side. Next to it, at the other side of the road, you can find mountains of salt of 8 to 12 feet tall. Las Salinas is placed in the west side of Puerto Rico in Cabo Rojo.

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The Stone Bridge

This is placed in Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo. It is also a great hidden beach that also includes a stone bridge! People like taking photos there as it is a rare geological accident that seems like a little floating island with a bridge that connects with the rest. It seems dangerous, adventurer and fun, you'll have the dosis of adrenaline you want.

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It is as beautiful as El Yunque but at the other side of Puerto Rico in San Sebastian. There have been film some movies here like Perfect Get Away and 200 letters. There are three different waterfalls you can enjoy either relaxing or having a wild adventure.

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Enchanted River

The Enchanted River is the longest subterranean river in the world and it is place here in Puerto Rico. If you like exploring tunnels and getting wet maybe this is the experience you want to have.

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There are a lot of more beautiful places in the island, make your search and pack your things. Puerto Rico is a great place to visit and to experience a close up with nature. Now I invite you to visit this beautiful island and to learn more about our culture and our history.

with love,
Natalia Cristina