"Who has the wish to read, shall always be able to do so"
꧁A. M.

The little girl- In search for lifes' meaning

✶Once, in the infinity of nights, sprinkled by stars and the moons' glory, at a time after the big bang or one of the many times the universe is recreating itself, a little girl had a dream.
She dreamt that the sun was talking to her, while the stars kept talking in between and the moon silently smiling.
"You need to find out the point of life", the sun said.
"Don't be ridiculous, sun. Life has no point. Why are you tiring this girl?", the many stars told the sun.
"Do not listen to them, sweet girl. Their time's passed long ago. The sun is at its best point. Follow the sun at day and follow me at night", the moon told her.
✶The little girl woke up really confused. It was just a dream, but what if the universe's trying to tell me something? What actually is the point of life?, she thought by herself.
In one hand her teddy bear and in the other a lamp, she stepped outside and began following the moon. Soon, she passed a beautiful flower garden and asked them: "Pretty flowers, what is the point of life?"
"Oh, it is to bloom and grow and add beauty to peoples' lifes", they all said. The girl found that to be a strange answer and continued her path. High in the air, she then saw some birds.
"Do you know what the point of life is, you lovely birds?", she shouted up to them.
"Oh, it is to be free to go anywhere in the world, without anyone stopping you and knowing the value of your beloved companions", they sang to her.
The girl wasn't quite satisfied with this answer either. So she continued following the moon. After some time, she arrived in a dense forest. But soon, she got afraid of the utter darkness of her surroundings.
"Oh why is it so dark here, I'm afraid", she said in her fear.
"It's no dark, it's only loss of light, my dear", the moon whispered.
The girl found this little comfort. In her last try, she asked the mushrooms on the ground: "You who live here in the darkness and freshness, do you know what the point of life is?"
"It is to embrace your differencies from others. To know that you don't belong to the plants, nor to the animals, nor to the humans, and still embracing life and all it's got to offer", they said. The girl found this answer a bit better, but still, she was lost and didn't know what to do.
Why am I currently breathing and the next second a deer could be eaten by a pack of wolves?, she thought by herself.
By dawn, she found her way out of the forest. She saw the last shallow climpse of the moon, that whispered in her ear: "I'm glad you followed me. Now the sun is coming, day is arising. My time's passed for now, but it will come again by its time. Be good to the sun." And she leaved her place for the sun.
"You've spent the night searching for life's meaning and still didn't find it. Didn't you learn from your conversations with the many creatures? They all have their own meaning for life. You need to find yours too", the sun said.
"But the stars said life has no meaning", the girl said.
"The stars' time has passed. They've forgotten about life. They don't know it's bitter sweet liveliness."
They both didn't say anything for a long time.
"So what's the point of life?", the sun finally asked the girl.
"I now understand. Life's got a different meaning to everybody. And everybody needs to create its own. It won't be an easy path but it will be one worth taking. Life's more than just breathing. It's about being alive."
The sun didn't talk anymore, but it seemed to the little girl, as if she approvingly nodded.
✶And they followed her throughout her life. The moon, the sun and the stars. And each of them loved her in a different way.
Growing up, the little girl who wouldn't be so little anymore, didn't know if that experience from so many years ago, was just what it seemed to be; a childs' imagination. But she knew one thing: She found her meaning of life.

"This is my imagination. And so it shall always be"
-A. M.

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