Hello! One direction is my favorite band and has been for almost five years. I know that they are on a break now, buuut I wanted to create a tag that directioners can do here on weheartit :) It's basically questions about the boys and in this article is my answers!

1. Favorite member

louis tomlinson, one direction, and louis image louis tomlinson, one direction, and 1d image
I love all boys, but if I have to choose I'd go with Louis.

2. Favorite One Direction song

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This is so hard to choose cause I love so many of their songs, but I'll pick If I Could Fly. It means a lot to me.

3. Favorite Music Video

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One way or another! The video is crazy, funny and adorable, I love it.

4. When did you join the fandom?

I joined in May 2013, so soon I've been in the fandom for almost 5 years which is crazy!

5. Have you been to any concerts?

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Yes, I have been to two concerts. I went to the Where We Are tour in 2014 and the On The Road Again tour in 2015. Best nights of my life.

6. Favorite ships between the boys? (Bromance or romance)

louis tomlinson, larry stylinson, and Harry Styles image larry image
I ship Larry (Louis and Harry) so hard.

7. Favorite Harry solo song

gif, two ghosts, and Harry Styles image gif, two ghosts, and Harry Styles image
Two Ghosts.

8. Favorite Liam solo song

boy, handsome, and liam payne image bella thorne and liam payne image
Bedroom Floor.

9. Favorite Louis solo song

Inspiring Image on We Heart It louis tomlinson, back to you, and one direction image
Back To You (feat. Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals).

10. Favorite Niall solo song

baby, irish, and stage image niall horan, one direction, and billboard image

11. Favorite Zayn solo song

zayn malik, one direction, and boy image zayn, zayn malik, and boy image

12. Favorite picture of all the boys?

one direction, 1d, and zayn malik image
All of their selfies.

13. Which song is your least favorite?

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Steal my girl. Sorry, but I just can't stand it...

14. Which of the boys' sibling do you like the most?

eyes, liam payne, and zayn malik image eyes, hair, and lips image
Louis' younger sister Lottie. She is the same age as me, she seems very sweet and is awesome at makeup.

15. Which of the boys has the best clothing style?

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I mostly like Niall's style. It's laid back and classic.

16. If you only had one ticket to watch one of their solo concerts, which one would you go to?

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I would love to see all of them, but I'd probably choose Niall because I like his solo music the most.

17. Saddest One Direction moment?

leaving, 2015, and neverforget image one direction, zayn malik, and 1d image
When Zayn left :(

18. What is something you miss about the band?

I miss seeing pictures or clips of them performing together on stage while touring. It always made me so happy to see them have fun, joke around and sing amazingly.

19. Have you ever stayed up all night because of One Direction?

Image by H one direction, zayn malik, and Harry Styles image
A few times yes, but when it was 1Dday I stayed up late into the night to watch it live.

20. Favorite One Direction era

gif image
Their Take Me Home tour era, I meeeeaan look at them!

21. Who would you rather date, marry, be best friend with, party with and meet once?

Date: Niall
Marry: Harry
Best friend: Louis
Party with: Liam
Meet once: Zayn

22. Do you love or hate the drama in the fandom?

It depends... I like to watch drama and not be involved in it, but sometimes it gets to much. Especially when you can see how it affects the boys. Some "fans" go to far.

23. Have you ever met any of the boys?

No :( But I have seen them live and was almost 10 meters away from them which was surreal.

24. Favorite One Direction album

Image by Lola
Made in the A.M.

25. How did you get into the fandom?

Funny story. I actually liked them when "What makes you beautiful" came out. Then for a while I didn't care about them. In 2013 I realized how much I actually liked their music, how funny they were and I fell in love with their personalities. Also the fandom is an amazing family most of the time.

26. Write ONE thing you admire about each of the boys.

Harry: His kind heart.
Liam: His happy personality.
Louis: How strong he is.
Niall: His ability to laugh at everything.
Zayn: His artistic side.

27. Do you own any merch?

albums, cd, and four image
I own the CD's in the picture, their movies, three of their books, posters, a few t-shirts, bed sheets, towels and a few other random things. A few years ago I got a lot of 1D related stuff for birthdays or christmas haha

28. Favorite hairstyle out of the boys

Harry Styles, harry, and boy image
This hairstyle on Harry.

29. Do you read or write One Direction fanfictions?

I used to read a lot, but I quit doing that two years ago. Idk why though, I kinda miss it.

30. Do you think they will ever be a band again?

Yes, I actually do. At least I really hope so.

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