Hey there, my name is Luisina and today I'm sharing with you my fav tv series, hope you like it!

❁ Black Mirror

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Fuck you for me, for us, for everyone!

It is a science fiction anthology, every episode is a standalone. It examines modern society, and the consequences of the new technologies that surrounds us. I love the aesthetic of every episode and some of them are truly brilliant. What are you waiting for? Go watch it!
My fav ones were:

  • Nosedive
  • Hate In The Nation
  • San Junipero
  • Shut Up And Dance
  • Hang The Dj
  • Black Museum

❁ Skins

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You don't know me and you never will.

This series is deep, really deep, it really tells you what is like to be a teenager, the drug abuse, mental issues, love and sex, parents getting divorce, bullying. It's deep, beautiful, funny and most of all, real.

❁ Friends

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I's not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?

The most funny series of all time, and the most beautiful, by the time of the end, my face was full of tears of sadness and joy, because it changed me.

❁ Stranger Things

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Friends Don't Lie.

Most of the people in here has already seen this series, so they know how amazing it is. But if you haven't seen it, you have no excuses, it has it all, science fiction, love, funny, cute kids, memorable moments, perfect soundtrack, and an almost cinematographic staging. Go watch it! Now!

❁ How To Get Away With Murder

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So just play along, or go to jail.

What is it about? The brilliant and charismatic Professor Annalise Keating gets entangled with four law students from her class “How to Get Away with Murder.” Little do they know that they will have to apply what they learned to real life, in this legal thriller...
Go watch it, or go to jail.

❁ Orange Is The New Black

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Bitches gots to learn.

It is a comedy-drama series which takes place in a women's prison. The story is based around Piper Chapman, a woman whose past history with a drug dealer eventually causes her to be sentenced to 15 months in prison. It is based on a book, witch is really good too. It has the perfect amount of drama and comedy, you can easily watch the first season in a few hours because it catches you up.

❁ The End Of The F***ing World

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People can't be answers. They're just more questions.

This series is like Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino made a movie together. Beautiful and violent, this series has some of the best scenes I've ever seen. And it's short, you can watch it all in less than a few hours. Go watch it, it's great.

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