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After a long time I’m back with my second article. I decided to make a Pacific Northwest (PNW) inspired playlist.

As I mentioned in my last article PNW is my asthetics so I chose it as a theme for my next article.

Let’s start with some basics about this article. I have to warn you that you probably won’t find there latest trendy songs or hits playing all over again in radio. (Most of them is not famous at all.) It doesn’t work like that. I think that PNW is unique in it’s own way. For me it represents independence, creativity and gives me kinda hipster/indie vibes. Speaking of vibes I put on the list songs that reminds me of PNW.
I know that not everyone will agree with the selection but as I said it’s all based on my feelings and thoughts.
I also divided songs into smaller sections (each one consists of 5 songs) and added some pictures to make it more interesting for you. (And little bit more aesthetic, haha. I just feel like aesthetics is everything right now. 😂)

Here it is. Enjoy!

A Tale of Two Cities

background, beautiful, and cities image adventure, amazing, and sky image

And of course I mean Seattle and Portland - two cities of PNW. There are some melodies reminding me of vibrant (maybe evening) city life.

Mating Ritual - I Can’t Dance
Pacific Radio - Katie
Bleachers - Rollercoaster
Kids of 88 - San Fran
Banners - Firefly

Well the sidewalks are lonely when they’re under her feet
As she’s sliding away back to her living room suite, oh Katie
She’s a walk in the park, a suburban threat
And every afternoon is a Sunday dress, oh Katie
— Pacific Radio - Katie
Image by treffete seattle, city, and sky image

To The Forest I Go

house, home, and nature image beautiful, december, and tree image

Dark, alternative and mysterious. No more words needed. This is how PNW forests look like.

Of Monsters And Men - Human
Foreign Air - In The Shadows
Nothing But Thieves - Sorry
Hollow Coves - The Woods
Of Monsters And Men - Wolves Without Teeths

Top top, somewhere in the woods, on the hill
Wake up, feeling the cold in between our toes
Is there a way back? Nobody knows.
— Hollow Coves - The Woods
nature, forest, and bridge image city, nature, and town image

Mountains Are Calling

forest, nature, and traveling image travel, nature, and mountains image

It just felt so right to put there a mountain part. So there are some songs that will help you climb every mountain (and overcome obstacles in your life).

Mumford & Sons - Believe
Alfred Hall - The King Of Cape
The Arcade Fire - Wake Up
Edward R. - Wolves And The Water
Of Monsters And Men - Mountain Sound

Hold your horses now
(We sleep until the sun goes down)
Through the woods we ran
(Deep into the mountain sound)
— Of Monsters And Men - Mountain Sound
mountains and nature image lake, mountains, and water image

High By The Beach

beach and roadtrip image coffee and drink image

Unfortunately my country doesn’t have access to the ocean. But I still love beaches. I don’t mean classic holiday resort beaches but beautiful beaches of PNW. They have peaceful,carefree and at the same time adventurous vibes which I love. I could spend there literally rest of my life. 😅

Hollow Coves - Coastline
The Lightning Year - Endless Memory
Wild Nothing - Summer Hoiday
Day Wave - Something Here
High Highs - Open Season

The summer air by the seaside
The way it fills our lungs
The fire burns in the night sky
This life will keep us young yeah, keep us young
— Hollow Coves - Coastline
ocean image fog, forest, and nature image

Road trip

travel, road, and car image nature image

And last but not least is road trip part. It’s so difficult to choose only 5 songs because music is my life (especially when I’m on a road trip). I have so many songs in my phone for this occasion that it could be material for whole new playlist. 😅

Of Monsters And Men - Dirty Paws
American Authors - I Wanna Go Out
Teen Evolution - Love In October
Indigo Velvet - Mona
Capital Cities - One Minute More

Unleash your imagination
Two stars, one constellation
Bright lights just to guide the way
Can you see what I see in you?
— Capital Cities - One Minute More
aesthetic, forest, and car image dog, travel, and nature image

That's all for now!
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed my second article.

I'll be glad for any response to my article. Don't be afraid to send me a postcard. I don't bite. 😂

I also love discovering new songs (of any genre) so feel free to send them to me!

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And that's really all for now!

Anna ♡