Hello, beautiful people!
Smiling is something very good, it does well for the body is for the soul, so seek to smile more, value the simple things of life to be happier, so in this article some reasons for you to smile more, see:

girl, hair, and city image beauty, chic, and style image friends, family, and food image Image by sündos
  • The smile of someone else
  • Family meal
  • Family meeting
  • Meeting with friends
moon, beautiful, and dark image autumn, rain, and city image rainbow, beautiful, and hawaii image stars, night, and road image
  • Observes to full moon
  • The rain falling
  • The rainbow after the rain
  • Starry Night
beach, summer, and ocean image map image girl, friends, and fashion image food, burger, and fries image
  • Go to the beach
  • Excitement for a trip
  • Going out with friends
  • Eat the favorite food
boots, fashion, and velvet image fashion image riverdale, food, and series image aesthetic and tumblr image
  • Going shopping
  • Have a discount on purchases
  • Marathon of your favorite series
  • Go to the cinema
dog, cute, and animal image girl, friends, and friendship image ariana grande, one love manchester, and concert image book, theme, and pink image
  • Cute animals
  • To dance
  • Go to a music show
  • Finish a book
colors, photography, and blue image photography, photo, and polaroid image girl, baby, and cute image Temporarily removed
  • Realize a dream
  • Review old photos
  • Cute children
  • Throw a party
autumn, forest, and horse image book, girl, and library image food, vintage, and indie image flowers, red, and rose image
  • Day in the field
  • Purchase books
  • Cook
  • Scoop or buy flowers
hair, style, and hairstyle image beach, girl, and sea image car and girl image alternative, indie, and music image
  • Change the look
  • Sunset
  • Take a cool photo of yourself
  • Discover new music

Well, that's what I hope you enjoyed, maybe more ahead I bring the second part of this article.