Hey guys! As I'm not longer in school (a normal school I mean), I'm always in my home studying... and at first it was so annoying and tedious, but then I figured out how could I make my home (specifically my bedroom) a more pleasant place to live... and this is: Interior decoration.
So, here I'm gonna give some ideas of decor for your room (you can obviously take this tips to all your house). Let's get started:

F l o o r - W a l l s

As a minimalist lover, I give you this recommendations for the reason of creating a cleaner, lighter and more luminous atmosphere

For the floor, I always choose wooden (or ceramic, wooden like) floor. It makes your room look more homelike and cozy. You can be barefoot (wooden floor is normally more warm), it looks cleaner and more fancy.

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For the walls I recommend a white colour. Or a light one. It makes your room look cleaner, bigger, simpler and it creates a positive atmosphere.

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F u r n i t u r e

I have all my clothes, accesories, perfumes, make up, etc, in a wooden closet embedded in my wall (it doesn't use unnecessary space). I have a piece of furniture (wooden again) next to my bed where I keep other things. And finally, I have like five shelves for my books (books can make a nice atmosphere in your room as well).

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I l l u m i n a t i o n - V e n t i l a t i o n

Natural light is the best. In your bedroom there has to be a window (bigger is better). It helps making your room brighter, more positive, cleaner (again), and it is truly important if you need to study there. It is scientifically proven that people study, concentrate and memorize better with natural light than with artificial. If you have a window... you have to open it. You can't have a bedroom with stuck air. You have to open the window, so that energy flows, so you can breath pure air, so your bedroom doesn't keep bad odors and humidity. Illumination and ventilation are one of the most important so your bedroom can be a better area.

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P l a n t s

Ok, I know you've heard this before, but this is truly important. Having plants in your room, gives a beautiful, more interesting, healthier atmosphere. Plants are the best decoration you can have. You could put some succulents next to your bed, on your window, on your shelves and furniture. They don't need a lot of care or water, they bassically live from sun and a little water.

aesthetic, beautiful, and cactus image plants, bedroom, and green image
On picture one are the succulents I have next to my window.

C o m f o r t a b i l i t y

Appart from your bed (if you have the space, of course), you can put something more for a more comfortable area. You can have a nice desk next to your window or a little living room or sofas. You can even have a carpet with pillows on the floor. If you're like me and you don't have a lot of space, you can buy a puff. This things are sooooo comfy, and they don't need to be so big.

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O r d e r

Finally, you have to have order. If you don't, everything mentioned above is gonna be useless. Make your bed, keep your clothes in your closet, put all your accesories and beauty things in one place, etc, etc.

With this, I end my article.
I hope you liked it and that it helps you. If you liked it please give it a heart. Don't forget to leave me your reaction. If you wanna talk to somebody about anything... I always answer postcards ;)

With love,

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