“Maybe you loved me”
As I stand at these crossroads
Watching the cars go by in a flash
Seeing bodies not people walk past
Looking at the two lines meeting at a point of perfection
Wondering where you were in this exact moment
Wondering why I was thinking of you
Maybe it was because all this commotion reminded me of you
Maybe all I wanted was to see you
Imagining us two smiling and laughing, together
Imagining all our amazing moments, together
Imagining the love we once shared, I miss feeling loved by you
Maybe I miss the way I looked into your eyes
Maybe I miss the way my hand fell into yours
Maybe I miss the way your hair blew in the wind and something that was supposed to mess it up, made it look complete
Maybe I stopped loving myself once you left
Maybe I stopped seeing the beauty in the way the lights sparkle in the night
Maybe because I stopped seeing you in the lime light
And that’s why my heart can’t take the thought of you anymore
Maybe that’s why you left
Maybe it’s because whenever I try and reach out to you my fingertips go num
Maybe it’s because I don’t know how to say I messed up
Maybe I'm a coward
Maybe I'm selfish

None of this matters and I know it

All I can think of is how I should've
told you I loved you
Maybe you could have loved me too.