Hello, you all! It's been a while since the last article but I'm kind of struggling with inspiration, I'm stucked.
Anyway, I wanted to try again and write something, so I don't even know what this is going to be about but well... let's do this!


What do we call art? When I hear that word I can only think about every creative thing that exists. For me art is a way to live your life.
Art is everywhere, I see a flower, a river and the sky and I think of it.

There is no definition of art for me, just like there is no definition of beauty neither. It is what it is and we all see it in a different way.

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I'm going to be more exact and name some things that I myself consider as art.


Books are art. You can't argue with that. They are pure art. From poetry to novels, from a simple sentence to a whole page. All of it. It is simply beautiful.
Isn't it weird how some doodles can turn into words? And those words make us imagine a scene on our mind? It is quite crazy if we think about it.

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Oh, paintings... They make me feel some magic vibe, I can almost feel something by just staring at them. Paintings are like books, you can read them if you pay enough attention.

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Look around! Open those big eyes and see the world. Go to a forest, to the beach, to a mountain and just look around. You'll be amazed. Feel the rain on your skin. Get dirty and explore nature! Nature is art itself. Perfectly imperfect, it was all created so perfect and beautiful... Just delightful.

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My favourite book

Of course I love Harry Potter and all those classical books or however you call them. But I have some books that I love and I can't even tell why, I just know it.

"A Christmas Visitor" by Anne Perry (2004)

"Henry Rathbone arrives to spend Christmas at the Dreghorn family manor house near Ullswater. He is greeted by the news that the master of the house, Judah Dreghorn, has died, presumed accidentally drowned. Not only this, but Judah’s good name is being slandered by someone claiming to be the rightful owner of the manor and estate. Rathbone and Judah’s brothers must investigate."

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My favourite paintings

"Impression, Sunrise" (1872-73) by Claude Monet

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"Étretat" (1865) by Johan-Barthold Jongkind

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"Hollyhocks" (1884) by Berthe Morisot

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"Starry Night" (1889) by Vincent van Gogh

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