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GREEK: Between glorious past and uncertain future. 🇬🇷

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First of all.. ATHENS

  • When walking through the streets you'll be stroke by many closed shops, lurid graffiti, people earning their living with living with music and craft in the streets. All this against a unique historial background with its roots in the 5th century BC; splendid monuments, symbols of the western civilization and european ideas.
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  • This black and white thinking quickly becomes obsolete when visiting the bubbly neighborhood of Chalandri
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Here you'll dance until 7am to wild oriental rhythms and melancholic greek songs , of course all undercored with the newest house beats! And if fashion is looking the same many european capitals, in chalandri you will be amaced by the creativity and trendiness of young greeks!
heaven on earth for fans of bold street style

  • Take a break at Monateraki Square, where you'll live a unique fusion of 3 cultures.
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On Monasteraki Square you will feel the future role of Athens may be a gate between East West and Africa.


  • Best dinner place: Terrace of 'A for Athens'
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  • Best sunset: Aereopagus Rock
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  • Best excursion: Temple of Poseidon (1 hour by bus from athens)
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  • Go hiking... ¡In spring! In spring and autumn, when temperatures are still to bear and the island not invaded by tourist, Paros is ideal for hiking.
  • Party in Naoussa. After so much hiking and swimming.. ¿what comes better than a great greek party near the sea?
  • Sunset in Parikia.
  • ¡Eat out! Eating out in Paros is cheap and its definitely a must to discover the local delicacies. My favorite place was, upon local recomendations, Coralli Near the camping at the of the harbor bay in Parikia.

Pd: Ask for the home made Backlava with Ice cream.


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  • I saw this beach for the first time in photos of a blogger, but the exactly moment when i fell in love was when i saw this is a korean drama, by the way my favorite, descendants of the sun.
  • Its Paradise! Crystal clear waters ideal for snorkeling.
  • The water temperature is ideal in summer, if you go after summer, the water will be like ice.


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