Hello there, I hope you have a beautiful day! :)
This article is about my all time favourite nail polish colours which are always on my shelf. So here we go! :)

  • Light pink

This is a perfect everyday colour. It goes with almost everything and it has many shades to fit to your skin tone. I'm a winter type so I prefer colder shades mixed with a touch of blue. It is the best if it is not dominant, just makes your hand look neat.

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  • Deep red

This is a really festive and serious colour, looks perfect on queens' hands. :) Wear it with elegant and simple clothes to be the queen of everyday or with a gorgeous gown to show all your glamour!

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  • The Nude

Nude is really popular these days, pretty much like the light pink, it goes with everything. But be careful when choosing the shade; if it is too similar to your skin tone, it will look like you don't have nails at all... :D

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  • Black

This might sound strange from a conservative girl who prefers elegance even in the everyday life. But be brave! Here are some pics to show how cool it can be. I can't wear it to work and I recommend you as well to think twice where to use it, but don't be afraid of black in general!

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  • Invisible top coat

If you prefer going like really natural, and your nails are in good condition, then you can use simply a top coat to give your nails a bit of shine. It is also perfect to fix your nail colour or nail art.

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Well, that was it for today, see you in the next article!