If you're going through depression or feeling like shit & you have no idea why, its probably because the routine you're stuck in, or the isolation, so here's few tips will help change your routine & mood.

We talk to ourselves all day long and, unfortunately, this self talk is frequently negative "Im loser, I'm such a weirdo, you'll never make it you're a failure,etc.. "& thats the worst crime toward yourself, negative self-talk limits you, increases stress, and hurts your self-concept. always encourage yourself & talk positivetly about how much you've struggled & stood strong all this time, yes you're strong ass bitch feel the pride! invest at least 15mnt of your daily time doing this exercice, look at the mirror & tell yourself everything you'd like to hear from others, it really works magic in confidence boost, for example i tell myself every morning before going out "you're so beautiful in special way, god's with you & he loves u and i love you, no matter what u did we both forgive you" kinda strange but it gives me an inner peace & I feel more confident, so give it a shot, or do the -15 bed time affirmation- for 15day & watch the difference (you can find the list on my Ig)

isolation for a while is fine, it helps you work on yourself and get your things together.. but take only small breaks and hang out from time to another with friends or cousins, if you have none thats just fine try to push yourself creating new circle around you & dont get too obsessed or serious about it just find someone to laugh & chat with but never get too attached to him or tell him secrets & things you're going through, if you can't, well get yourself a puppy or a cat or bird or whatever you feel like's better for you.

Try waking up early & have healthy lifestyle for example, drink water after waking up & all day long at least 12cups, and detox water is even better (My fav; lemon, cucumber, mint leaves) it will give you refreching starting for the day, and what's even better ? a 10mnt yoga or a walk or jogging outside in the morning fresh air, that will give you so much energy to go through the day.

Eat healthier, its true that junk food makes you feel good but its an instant pleasure as soon as you're done you start feeling like shit so try healthy food not less, so you can avoid feeling the guilt the rest of day, if you don't well lucky you!
Listen to good music avoid sad ones, watch funny clips, movies, memes, you have lot of choices, I love youtube vines it get's every time!

So, hope you found that useful & hope you start doing & stop planning -if not now when- ... if you liked it hit the like bottom so I can see your support & follow me so you hear more from me✨, Have nice day y'all ❣️