Hi guys!!!
I'm Angy again, hahaha. I really like white, because I love read your articles. It's cool read different ideas about a lot of things. And all is for practice my english too. Okay, start.

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1. Pity Party- Melanie Martinez.
Please listen to some of his songs, I put this is because it is the first to listen. You can hear "Soap" or "Dr. Potato Head". The social criticism in them, the message, its total originality, is everything.

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2. MIC DROP- BTS feat. Steve Aoki.
OMG!! this group I my great discovery of the kpop. Choreography, style, their voices. Too cool. You can hear "Illegal" or "Go go".

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3. My song 5- HAIM

I just a song, 2 minutes ago I did not know what these girls were with such style, just listening to that sound made me vibrate and I did Shazam and it is one of my favorite songs.

4. Comiendote a besos- Rozalen
I'm spanish and I love the love songs. Please listen this song, Even if you do not understand anything. But is better understand the spanish. I recommend learn Spanish.

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5.Ice Melts- Drake
The best song of Drake from my point of view, although it is not the best known, it has enough to make you want to party.

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6. Dead- Madison Beer
The lyrics of the song, the message is perfect for a broken heart, so if you want to lose an asshole, you see and hear it, it will make you feel powerful.

That it babies. I loveee you.

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