For this article I want to plan my dream apartment. I'd like to this apartment to be in the heart of my city. I don't want to move from this city because I've been grown here and I understand that if I move from there I must start a new life with new people. Again, I don't want to lose my friends. So, Baia Mare, I will stay with you for everyday of my life. I hope so. :)


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To explain : not a big kitchen, but maybe one large to have space for my guests.


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Goals for me !! I need a storeroom for all the stuff I can't organise in the kitchen.


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Not something so big. Just a room where I can organise my books (you know I love to read) and relax in the day, or a room where my guests can stay over night.


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Ok.. the bedroom will be the biggest room in the apartment because my personal space need more decoration stuff like cozy chairs, stand mirror, the bed, my desk (which I want to be near the window) and my closet.


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I love this type of closets. This will be in my bedroom, or living room. I know this doesn't make sense but.. meh.


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Small.. nothing else to say.

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