In this article you're going to leave feeling extra good about yourself. Because damnn you're one hell of a human being.

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sorry I had to add the finger guns ahaha

I just wanna point out that this applies to anyone, And DON'T say "Well, i'm behind a screen and you never met me soo..." * INHALE * BOI, I know you're an ethereal human being, (I'm secretly the FBI) don't let society tell you otherwise! I know there can be bunch of articles for girls loving themselves but don't worry! We haven't forgot about you fellow guys (:

Ways to start loving yourself

  • DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE! You must understand that not everyone is the same, it's okay to be different!
  • DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY NOT OTHERS. Yeah, yeah, I know it's easy to say but not do. But you got this! I believe you can. You don't have to do the same hobbies as others, BUT YOU MUST DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!
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Did I mention you're a beautiful human being?

that's pretty much it, there is no need for those complicated rules of "CREATING NEW FASHION" or etc nonono, if you try new things that makes you happy then FANTASTIC! <3 I am very proud.

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And most of all, If you stop comparing yourself to others, then hey! you did it. You completed the rules, but don't stop doing them!.

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I know we all have those days where we just flop down and cry and guess what? let the tears flow,

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We have emotions for a reason, so use them. Don't hide them. And you must understand that, every human is beautiful, we all have different beauty and have different taste in things and just well... WE'RE DIFFERENT. But in the end we're all beautiful. beauty comes in different ways and you must not compare yourself to others, simply do what makes you happy.

And you'll love yourself for the beauty you have.

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Humans are a work of art, we're all different but in the end, we're still unqiue and beautiful

Some love for you <3

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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Dora is me when I realize how beautiful you all are oof

Well that's all byeeeeee I hope you start loving yourself!!!

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