The last six years I was suffering from different eating disorders, especially anorexia nervose and binge-eating. I've always had a broken, unrealistic body image since I can remember.
I've tried to change my diet a hundred times, but after 1-2 weeks I always failed because of binge-eating. So instead of losing weight I gained more and more.
I've changed my diet about four weeks ago. I've made a diet plan with many great, healthy recipes and worked out 2-5 times a week. Of course this sounds like nothing, and four weeks is easy for many people, but for me it's a really big progress. I've never ate so healthy for so long without a binge. Of course, sometimes I had a couple of snacks but I could stop myself before I ate everything.

So how did I do it for so long without bingeing?
First of all, I changed my whole diet. I only ate healthy food, 3 meals and one snack per day. In the first week I cut out chocolate and other sugary food, so I could fight that addiction. After that week I could eat unhealthy food again but only a little bit for a snack.
Having a healthy diet and working out a few times really helps to stop binge-eating, but this is over some time.

But if you feel right now that you want to binge eat, here are some things you could do instead:

1. Go for a walk. You could go with a family member or a friend, or just go on your own. Listen to some music while you walk and breathe in that fresh air.

2. Meditate. Put up some good meditation music and make yourself comfortable. Breathe in, breathe out. Try to focus yourself on your breathing only. You feel really relaxed afterwards and you forget your urge to eat something.

3. Take a nice, hot bath. Just relax and enjoy it, while you listen to some music or a audiobook. Stay in there at least 30 minutes, so you can't easily eat something, and on top of that, you'll feel great afterwards.

4. Take a nap.

5. Sort out your wardrobe. This is going to take a while and you stay really focused.

6. Read a book.

7. Dance/ work out. First, it makes you happy, and second, it makes you confident. Just put a video on and work out with it. (Popsugar fitness is really great for example)

8. Write. Write a little story about something you wish would happen. Write about your dreams or goals. Write about your feelings, about what makes you happy or sad. Write a fictional story.

9. Play an instrument.

10. Write a letter to someone, but don't sent it. Just get rid of the bad feelings. Write to someone who always put you down. Maybe those feelings are the reason you want to eat, so take that pen and paper, and write all those feelings down.

11. Color books.

12. Brush and floss your teeth.

13. Write positive notes (and post them everywhere you go)

14. Write a list of good things about you or things you love.

15. Paint / draw.

16. Make a list about why binge-eating is bad and what it makes you feel like.

17. Give yourself a mani/pedi.

18. Shave your body. It takes a while so you can't easily go to the fridge and take stuff.

These activities really helped me in those situations where I would want to eat everything in my kitchen. There are other options of course, but I hope you can use some of them and I hope they will help you.