Hey friends! So this is my first article and i thought that it would be great to write about something that is really close to me and so i decided to write about my favourite things on the entire universe - books.

YA spectrum is full of books that aren't great enugh (altrough everyone has different preferences and everyone likes something different) and I tried to show you guys books that you should definetly read.

Sooo here we go.

Looking for Alaska

I think everyone should read at least 1 of John Green's books. They are filled with emotions and stories that really touch your heart. I am sure everyone has already read The Fault In Our Stars, but this book really lost that something for me because it's really popular now. And I'm not saying that it's bad, just that it became kind of maindstream. I've personally read all Green's books (expect from the newest one, I can't get it in my country yet) and Looking for Alaska is personally my favourite one along with Will Grayson, Will Grayson and you should really read these two :-)

I've always liked quiet people: You never know if they're dancing in a daydream or if they're carrying the weight of the world.
- John Green, Looking for Alaska
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One Of Us Is Lying

This book from Karen M. McManus is my absolute favourite book of all time to be honest. It has everything a good book needs - romance, interesting story and ofcourse an ending no one would ever imagine. It's easy to read and I couldn't get myself off of this book.

That's the kind of person you can get away with killing: someone everybody else wants dead.
- Karen M. McManus, One of us is lying
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I'll give you the sun

My friend recommended this book to me. I'm glad she did. It's really beautiful, emotional book and I think that it is one of the most beautiful books on this planet. It tells the story of two sieblings who part their ways because everyone's different, but they find their way back to each other. I would lie if i sayed i didn't cry reading this.

I gave up practically the whole world for you,” I tell him, walking through the front door of my own love story. “The sun, stars, ocean, trees, everything, I gave it all up for you
- Jandy Nelson, I'll give you the sun
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The To All the Boys I've Loved Before / P.S. I Still Love You / Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Or as I call it, the Lara Jean trilogy. It's really sweet trilogy and it shows the awkward and real life of teenager in love. This book is really easy to read and it's full of cute moments and funny stories too. Must read for me. :-)

Let’s do it fucking for real, Lara Jean. Let’s go all in. No more contract. No more safety net. You can break my heart. Do whatever you want with it.
- Jenny Han, P.S. I Still Love You
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The Perks Of Being a Wallflower

I am sure every teen has seen this movie. But have you read the book? Because if not, you have to. This book is filled with emotions, it has that little something that makes you not forget about this book. It's fucking beautiful, real, unique. I just love it.

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.
- Stephen Chbosky, The Perks Of Being a Wallflower
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I was here

Another one of the most beautiful books. It shows so much emotions along with being hurt but in love at the same time and i think it's really beautiful book. (Yes i cried.)

I don't want to lose you because of the f**ked-up way I found you.
- Gayle Forman, I was here
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Into the water

I am sure everyone's read The girl on the train and I absoloutly loved this book, but Paula has come out with something new and I absoloutly loved this book more than The girl on the train. I really love the way Paula writes and I couldn't stop reading this book and I was so sad and surprised by the end, you just HAVE TO read it.

Some say the women left something of themselves in the water; some say it retains some of their power, for ever since then it has drawn to its shores the unlucky, the desperate, the unhappy, the lost. They come here to swim with their sisters.
- Paula Hawkins, Into the water

The Maze Runner

Everyone's favourite trilogy just has to be on this list. I freaking loved reading this altrough I don't really like this genre of books or movies. It was really interesting and breathtaking. And yes, again, I cried reading this.

Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does.
- James Dashner, The Maze Runner
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I'm not even sorrry about the last one. Also, I still haven't seen the last movie. :)))

More than this

This book was something completely different to what i thought it was going to be, so it surprised me. But in a good way. You really can think about your life after you read this book, I really loved how deep this book is and it had a hint of sci-fi in it which i didn't know i'll love.

He wanted something, he realizes now. Wanted an answer other than the ones he’d been given. Wanted to find out this whole world had some purpose, some particular purpose. For him.
- Patrick Ness, More than this
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This book is sooo good. I can surely say that this book changed my perspective on the world. It's truly beautiful and deep book and also, first book i've ever read in english.

I think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives.
- R. J. Palacio, Wonder
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Zac and Mia

EVERYBODY compares this book to TFiOS, and let me be honest, I prefer this one. It really shows that cancer doesn't have to end with death and that there is always a hope. This book is really beautiful written and I fell in love with the characters too easily.

I don’t know how he does it—how he makes me forget the clock and the pain. Sometimes, even if it’s just for a few seconds, I can forget how crap my life is.
- A. J. Betts, Zac and Mia
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Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

This book really shows that LOVE IS LOVE!!! I loved the honesty and the way this book was written - a romance, secret, surprising ending and the cuteness of all of it.

It is definitely annoying that straight (and white, for that matter) is the default, and that the only people who have to think about their identity are the ones who don't fit that mold. Straight people really should have to come out, and the more awkward it is, the better. Awkwardness should be a requirement.
- Becky Albertalli, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

The Hunger Games

Yes, you've guessed it. It can't be YA must read list without this legendary trilogy. What can I even say about it? It seems like everyone knows it and everyone has already read it haha but if you didn't, you deffinetly should. Just saying.

"You love me. Real or not real?"
- Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games
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And that's it!! Thanks for reading this article, hope you liked it :-) I really tried to pick the most beautiful books and I hope I gave you some inspiration. Have a nice day!

- Baja