Lovely Hearters,

With only two weeks left until Valentine’s Day, we came up with something special in order to bring value to this extraordinary day for all. When Valentine’s Day comes to mind the majority of people automatically associate it with love and romance, but we want to take on a different perspective and would love your help in doing so!

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Instead of dedicating the day of and the upcoming days before/after solely to all of the love birds out there, we would like to also celebrate it by honoring a different kind of love - friendship. Our Valentine’s Day will be focusing on the perks, happiness, and positive impacts that genuine friendships can contribute to our lives.

How can you help us do so? We are asking you - the community - to send in videos where you express your admiration for your bestie. Let her or him (and us) know why she or he is so special and one of a kind to you.

We will be choosing the cutest, most heart-warming, and affectionate submissions to feature in a video to share on our platform and social handles in order to spread the love worldwide!

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In a nutshell, here is what you need to know:

- Feel free to record your video using any device, as long as it has clear sound and recording quality.
- Videos must be recorded horizontally.
- Video fragments can be no longer than 15-20 seconds long.
- Don't forget to add your name to the title of the video fragment so we can link it to your submission
- Your submission is not valid if you haven’t signed the release form, which is shared in the link below. Please Note: Are you a minor? In that case, make sure one of your parents/guardians sign the release form.
- Videos must be submitted using the following link:

TIP! Try to film during the day when the lighting is at its’ best, in order to keep the quality of the video as high as possible.

The entry deadline is Sunday, February 11, 2018, before 12:00pm CEST.

We are thrilled to see what you put together. Until then, we wish you happy hearting!

Team WHI