Actually i have a story about this, so i'm gonna tell you my story how i started loving myself.

It may sounds selfish 'loving myself' but i am talking more about respecting yourself.

It stared back in 2013 when someone told me that 'before loving others you should firstly love yourself'. To be honest i didn't understand those words.

After 4 years, BTS released the album 'Love Yourself'. That moment i remembered those words from 2013. I really wanted to have a boyfriend that will love me as much as i wanted to be loved.

I needed more confidance in my body. I didn't liked my body at all. My advice is to wear for a couple of days at home only underwear.

My dad told me that in the future boys will search more for inteligence than body, so worked with my mind. A beautiful mind is more important. Knowledge is the power this days, trust me.

Take care of your body, use face mask, hair mask, some make up if you want, but make sure to look modest. Do things that will make your soul happy. Read, watch comedy or playing a sport, dance, sing.

This thing 'loving yourself' is a level of mature. This is another way of becoming more mature and a grown adult.

Fake friends and toxic people around you should be avoid, keep them away from you.

Be a clean person with a clean mind and soul.

After achieving all of these you can say that you respect yourself. I'm sure you'll feel a lot better, way different and also you'll feel like a free person. Everything around you will smile at you.

When i change my way of thinking about me, i was rounded by good people with beautiful lives and also i made a boyfriend. I never loved someone that much as i love my boyfriend.
This experience changed me a lot, the way i was thinking about world and how love actually looks like. I never experince real love till now.

Take good care of yourself, because i know all of you are good people. Don't let small things to let you down, keep fighting for you and for everything that is important for you.

Love you All !!

Let me know if you want to make another article. Just tell me the name and if you want me to talk about specific topics.

Have a good day! :)