When I first saw you a few years ago, I didn't feel anything. I thought you looked handsome, but that was it. I didn't have butterflies in my stomache or got nervous, I didn't want to see you all the time. That was nearly seven years ago.
I saw you day after day in school. I didn't know you. The only thing I knew about you was that you belang to the 'cool' kids in schhol. I always had a lot of respect and was even a little bit scared of you and your friends. I felt embarrassed. I was always the fat and ugly girl and I was scared to death that you would judge me. And you probably did.
Those few years passed. We never met but I could always recognize your face under thousands. I never had a crush on you, not until this one special day. We were both on the bus, you were a few seats behind me. I saw through the window until I noticed that you were staring at me. And in this exact moment everything changed. Suddenly there were millions of butterflies in my stomache and my heart was really fast. I felt happiness I've never felt before. Everyday in school I was hoping that I could see you even if it was only for a few seconds.
From this day on, even thinking about you made my heartbeat faster. I knew that I'd never had a chance and I knew that you'd never see me like I saw you. I knew this would end really bad and I would suffer but I kept on dreaming.
Every time I saw you I felt really happy but also very sad.
The time passed and suddenly the school was over. It was our last day. We all celebrated and in the end I looked at you,sad, hoping you would notice me in that last moment. But you didn't.
When I got home, I cried myself to sleep. I knew I would never see you again. I cried myself to sleep day for day, week for week. I never forgot you but I slowly got better. You weren't on my mind all the time anymore.
A few months passed. I heard that you were studying far away from me so I knew that I couldn't see you anymore through coincidence. I never got over you and I didn't lose hope. I couldn't.

Today I saw you. I saw you only for a few seconds but all those feeling I felt for you came back.

So tell me: How can I feel love for someone I've never actually met? I've never spoken to? How can I feel love for someone who never saw me like I saw him? How can I love someone, even months after I saw him? Why can I not forget him? I want to forget him, fall out of love. Because I can't do it anymore. It hurts too freaking much.