Hello everyone!! So I haven't really been that active on here as much as I have been in the previous years but I decided to do this cuz I wanted do do something similar to a diary so why not do a internet diary right?

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So I decided to this at least once a week to try and write something about me or something that makes me cope with myself

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So since I didn't really know what to write I randomly decided to just put myself out there and maybe it can help some of you and make you feel better as well...


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The first thing that can actually really help me when I'm having a hard day is music.. Music is my escape from reality kind of... And my music taste is pretty wide because I like pop,hip hop,rap, rnb, kpop, khiphop I just like many things and it depends on my mood what I listen

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The next thing is a warm cup of coffee or tea while walking around town.. I usually make some at home put it in my thermos and just go for a walk by myself.. It's a good exercise and a nice way to just breathe and calm my nerves..

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Watching korean dramas and shows.. Okay with this one I am quite obsessed and it makes me feel so much better when I invest myself in watching a drama especially a drama that is currently airing so you have to know when it's gonna be updated, when the subs are gonna be out and just that anticipation when they end the episode leaving you speechless.. And yes there are many other shows that are good but I just prefer korean drama's cuz I love their style of acting.. Of course my other favs are gray's anathomy, stranger things and many more...

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Also the thing that helps me is doing my make up. I love Experimenting with different colours and styles of makeup.. And having so many wonderful bloggers and inspirations it helps me a lot.. One of my favs are ling.kt and strashme (these are the names of their INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS) and please do check them out cuz these girls are AMAZING and have incredible personality and style I just love both of them SO MUCH

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Putting masks on my face, plucking my eyebrows and painting my nails are all in one category cuz I usually do these 3 at the same time.. It not only makes me feel better but it makes me feel more pretty when I take care of these things and it kind of boosts my self esteem up a level..

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And that is all I have for this article... These are the things I could think off for the moment and I hope you like it... If anyone reads this THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! And if you have any kind of idea on what I should write about don't hesitate to message me here or on my instagram acc @moonbeneaththesea

It's actually really fun to write on here wow.. THANKS FOR THIS OPTION!!