If you're gonna be single, like me on valentines day, I wanna let you know that you don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentines day! show yourself some self-love! and remember that there are many fun ways to spend valentines day when you're single,-
so If you wanna know how, then keep on reading..

1. Start your day with a special breakfast

Have a nice;tasty and healthy breakfast in bed!

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2. Pamper yourself

Show your skin some love by starting your morning off with a nice face mask, and a nice warm bath - with your fave bath bomb and body wash!

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3. Do a cute makeup look

Do a Valentines day makeup look by Wearing a bold red lip, smokey eye, lashes and a winged- cat eye!

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4. Wear a cute Valetines Day outfit

Don't wear anything basic, wear something special! Go for a classic all red dress or pair a red top with some neutral pants (e.g. grey pinstripe trousers or skinny jeans).

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5. Buy yourself some flowers

You don't need to wait around for someone to get you flowers; show yourself some self-love and buy your favourite flowers for yourself!

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6. Have a lunch date with your besties

Spend Valentines day with your friends that love and value your presence.

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