january favourites
-Series: crazy ex-girlfriend, i love the fact there's comedy, music, drama, it's just hilarious!

love and crazy ex girlfriend image 2, love, and crazy ex girlfriend image 3, love, and black image Image removed season 2, bringbackgreg, and crazy exgirlfriend image crazy ex girlfriend, 3, and love image 3, love, and f image pink and crazy ex girlfriend image

(and other series that i'm watching and i 'm really into is riverdale but, i mean, i don't know what i think of it jet.)
-Music: S.L.U.T by Bea Miller

-Books: Murder on the orient express, i love misterie, so this is perfect for me. There's also a movie about it, that i'm want to see.

book image book image

-Youtubers:- (this month i've been watching, as always, a lot of youtubers, so i probably am doing another articule about it.)

-Actor: Don't ask me why now but i start having a crush with Cody Christian (because he's cute, really good actor and hot)

cody christian, teen wolf, and theo image cody christian, teen wolf, and boy image cody christian image cody christian image

-followers/hearters: VIKTORIA (@itsvickyk002), My lv(@My_lv) and Jess(@jesslica), not only because they reheart my hearts a lot, also because i reheart them too, they always post the most beautiful ones. so if you are planning to follow new people make sure you follow them.♥

My lv
My lv