A - Age


B - Best Movie

It (1990 and 2017)

C - Current Time

10:33 am

D - Drink i last had


E - Everyday Starts With

My dad yelling "CHOP CHOP" to wake me up.

F - Favorite Song

Too Much by Kehlani

G - Grossest Memory

i have no clue ..

H - Height

5 ' 3

I - In love with


J - Jealous

Of extroverts

K - Killed Someone

In my mind.

L - Last time you cried

Last night

M - Middle Name

Don't have one

N - Number of Siblings


O - One Wish

Buy a private jet for my dad

P - Person you last called or texted

My cousin

Q - Questions I'm always asked

When are you going back to school?
What gives you anxiety?
What are you scared about?

R - Reasons to smile

Family, Food, Music

S - Song you last sang

Consideration by Rihanna and SZA

T - Time i wake up

11:40 - 12:10

U - Underwear Color


V - Vacation Places

Cancun, L.A, San Diego, Florida, and San Luis Potosi

W - Worst Habit

Sleeping Late, Procrastinating

X - X-rays I've Had

Teeth and Stomach

Y -Your favorite food

Pozole, enchiladas, and ramen

Z - Zodiac Sign


Heart this article if you're antisocial !!