PART II: The beginning of the end...

SInce I was so determinded to meet him I felt that this was the right moment. The perfect oppourtunity was approaching and I needed to seize it before it passed. I was there attepeting to charge my phone in this shitty area. I had been trying to call my mother for about an hour when he appraoched the couch next to me with her and the rest of his friends. She seemed so beautiful, far too beautilful to be friends with him. Don't get me wrong he was incredibly cute but she was just gorgous. I felt that I had no chance with him at this point.

He looked at her like he was in love with her and she didn't look at him any differently.

I eventually struck up a converstation with them. His friends came and left and came and left but we remained converstaing over random things. He told me he was from the Bronx. His eyes lit up with amazement when I told him I was from Texas.

It felt like minutes but in reality we spoke for four hours.

And in those four hours I knew...

he was going to ruin my life.