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In this article i’ll tell you 10 things you didn’t know about me (and i’m sure about that😂👌🏻)

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1. I never went to Starbucks

Ok this sounds very strange but is true: i never went to Starbucks...probably i’ll go in near future....but i’m not sure😅

Image removed cafe, Logo, and coffe image

2. I hate coffee

Ok...this also sounds strange....but i hate can’t do anything😂😂
I hate that smell and that taste....bleah😖☕️

coffee and lifestyle image coffee, drink, and food image

3. I’m not english

Ok...probably you realized i’m not english from my expression....but If you didn’t....I’M NOT ENGLISH😂😂👌🏻

4. I have We Heart it for the first time one year ago is a little story. In september 2016 i discovered WHI...and i made an account for searching images...not for posting.

This is the account, but please don’t follow me on this account because is left cause’ i forget the password😂 This account was left in November 2016😢 But now i have this account (that you can follow😂) which is very popular😍🖤

5. My eyes and my hair are brown

Yes! And again Yes!😂My eyes and my hair are brown (high five if you too😂✋🏻)

eyes and girl image
This isn’t me😂

6. I love cats | I hate dogs

Yeah....i’m a cat-lover😍🐱 And my bff too❣️ (Go follow her, her pics are amazing💖)

cats, cute, and photography image cat, design, and fashion image

7. I live in a block

I lived in house since December 2016 , but right now i live in a block....and i’m happy where i am💞🏢

red, flowers, and architecture image city, travel, and new york image

8. I have a sister

I have a sister....but she is 4 year old😂😂But i love her and she loves me💖 This counts✋🏻😍

sister goals image

9. I like biology

Biology is my favourite subject💖✋🏻I hope one day to become a doctor🏥👩🏼‍⚕️

medicine, anatomy, and biology image

10. I’m 12 years old

No mistake😂😂✋🏻I’m 12 years old😂❤️But probably you think i’m 16...17 or something like that😂😂❣️


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