There was this boy who had a big crush on me last school year.. He always tried to compliment me and be flirty.. but in that time, i had a boyfriend.. he didn't know so one day he asked me out.. it was kind of weird because i only met him that year and i didn't even know him that well so i said no.. Ever since that happened it was always awkward between the two of us.. The last 2 months before school ended, i broke up with my boyfriend because i started having feelings for "this boy". We started hanging out more and we were best friends. We didn't see each other during the summer vacation because him and i were always traveling.

On the first day of school i checked the list of who was in my class.. and that's when i saw his name.. I was so excited but i didn't show it. I walked in the classroom and he was sitting at the back. I swear everything went slow motion when i saw him. He came up to me and gave me a big hug. I missed him so much. We did everything together and helped each other out with homework.. Our classes are always separated in 2 groups.. Luckily he was with me. We always sat together and always fooled around..

We had a field trip for 2 days. We got to know our class better. Him and i got both drunk and we played "Spin the Bottle". I had to kiss him on the lips and give him a hickey.. of course my heart was pounding.. That night we confessed and we just kissed more.. The next few days we were like "Friends with Benefits". Until one day on the 28th of October he asked me out and i said yes. No one knew until they saw us kiss. We were so happy together. We were always know as the couple goals.

After the winter holidays he was always weird and didn't want to be near me.. January 9 he told me that he was drunk at a party and kissed another girl. I was really shocked but i wasn't mad.. I didn't scream or anything.. He told me he couldn't stand it anymore being with me because he felt guilty for hurting me.. but i just wanted him to stay i didn't want a break. As soon as he said that I started crying and just ran off..

I ignored him for 2 days.. He came up to me and wanted to talk. He said sorry and everything blablabla. He even almost cried with full tears. I just stood up and gave him a hug. Ever since that day we have been "Friends with Benefits" again but he started smoking again and started skipping school. I don't understand him because we are always sweet but i know that he doesn't want to be in a relationship.. i don't know.. it's complicated..