I feel my body tremble clear
tremble cause of fear
I was afraid of the future
Seeing demons and creatures
All of these opportunities
are just in my fantasies
I Lay down in my bed
pull the blanked over my head
Trying to change my destiny
And to escape from this reality

I felt a shiver on my body
My breath became quickly
The music roars loudly in my mind
Feeling so useless and blind
I turn it louder, and louder, and louder
Just To ignore all the pain
To suffocate the voices in my brain

All this dreams in my head
Intimate and unsaid
Push me up and push me down
Just far away from this town
And I run
Run after them, catching and chasing
But the answer is still hiding
And I, I Learned to fight
But I am still so scared at night

The doubt make me dizzy
And I fall on my knees
But I fight against the fear bravely
Laying under my blanket safely
God, Im locked in a cage
When will I become brave?
Falling down is life
But getting up is living
So, ....... ?

I don’t want to be the girl with the broken dreams
Please somebody stop these screams
The sleepless nights have to end
The hope must be Defended
I will get over these fears
So I wash away all my tears
Everything I want
came out at night
So I started to fight
And finally began to write

to all the readers

This should be a song. Kind of. I hope you like it and if you want I woukd be really haüpy abot some feedback🤗